We prioritize corrective and fun exercises. We are committed and focused on each individual allowing them to fulfill their fitness goal.

We complete formal assessments to see how the body responds to movement. We check flexibility, mobility, and stability. We do physical and functional assessments. We have a variety of assessment methods that will be presented to you during your consultation.  We reassess every 6-12 weeks depending on the client. We also have monthly check ups.

We do strength & conditioning, speed, explosive training, and agility assessments for our athletes/inspired athletes. 

Waju Fitness is all about a full body workout where we use variety of sports-based movements to provide a new stimulus to challenge clients in different ways. By going through different movement patterns, we are able to challenge the body in a unique way.

Our mission is to help our clients understand that a healthy lifestyle is important; to provide an educationally fun program that welcomes everyone. 



118 Needham St.
Newton, MA  02464

Waju Fitness is located on the second floor of the building. Above Gardner Mattress Store. The plaza has plenty of parking space.


6am – 8:30pm Weekdays
6 – 3pm Saturdays

Appointment only on Sundays