Heather Schofield

"I have had Larry as my personal trainer for between 4 and 5 years.  I like a challenge and Larry pushes me to do my  best as he teaches the proper techniques to ensure a safe workout.  I like the fact that he changes my workout  routine occasionally and incorporates new exercises which help to keep me motivated and challenged. Larry stresses the importance of good posture which constantly requires work on my part.  Larry is very personable and wants the best for his clients.  I highly recommend Larry as a trainer and I hope to continue working with him for a long time."

Scott Chaston

“I have been training with Larry for five years now. He has been a motivating figure in my life since we first started, and I have seen immense improvements in my physical and mental health. As someone who has always seen going to the gym as a chore, I was happy to find that Larry’s approach to fitness is both encouraging and fun.”



Mike Fries

“I've worked out with Larry for 5 years as both an athletic training client and a personal training client. For both types of clientele, he helps you work towards and achieve your goals, whether they be as a collegiate athlete, or someone looking to live a healthier life. Larry emphasizes proper technique and consistency in exercises, and his methods have noticeable results. You will play better, feel better, and have more confidence after training with Larry, guaranteed.”

Jim Chaston, President at Chaston Associates, Inc

"At the prompting of my family and specifically my son, I met with Larry Anam in January 2015.  I thought I felt great and was able to do most things easily. What I was not paying attention to was the fact that I was 63 and did not have the overall strength and agility other men of my age had.  Larry did an assessment of my strength and weaknesses and showed me where I stood compared to others.  It was clear I needed to work harder at helping myself.  We started slowly and I found that exercising, while still not something I was looking forward to became part of my weekly routine.  As strength, agility and energy developed, the exercise routines became more diverse, challenging and enjoyable.  While I still have a way to go, I’m no longer at the bottom of the assessment charts and very much look forward to working out.  Our routines have evolved beyond strength training to improved balance, coordination and improved aerobic capacity.  Larry has progressively brought varied exercises into the routines and there is always a new approach to meeting my goals.  Trips to Larry’s training center are never boring.  It’s not all hearts and flowers but it is well worth the effort.  Without making this sound like a sales pitch, this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my family.  I’m proof you’re never too old to change your ways and improve your life."  Jim Chaston