Personal Training

Waju Fitness is a one on one personal training studio at its core. We provide our clients with the best knowledge to help maximize their full potential in fitness. At Waju Fitness, assessments are recommended for all clients. We have a variety of assessment methods that will be presented to you during your consultation. We have developed a unique physical and functional movement screening to determine the appropriate activity for you. Keeping you injury free is our #1 priority.

The assessment will help us analyze any muscular deficiencies that can lead to stability, mobility, and flexibility issues. Before the assessment, we discuss any questions you might have about your health, we go over any injuries or physical limitations. You as a client will play an integral part of what exercises are created for you. The program changes as you progress. 


Youth Training

Hand-eye coordination is a complex cognitive ability that calls for us to unite our visual and motor skills.  It is especially important for our youths’ development and academic success. Our concept is very simple, we create both an entertaining and challenging environment with a sport concept that naturally improves cognitive ability during drills. Great for kids’ motor skill, but most importantly, it creates an empowered habit, which leads to living a healthier life as they become young adults.



Athletic training

This training is specifically for athletes that want to improve in their particular sport. At Waju Fitness, the assessment for our athletes is similar to the NFL combine. We test things like vertical jump, pro agility, 3 cone drill, flexibility, broad jump, and 40 yard dash. The only lifting test we do is bench press rep test. 

All our athletes will be doing some version of Olympic lifting; cleans, squats, box jumps etc. Proper technique is mandatory during Olympic lifting. Before we test, we do a full screening to insure our athletes are fit to test. 

Improving speed is our specialty, documented by the athletes we have helped decrease their 40 yard dash time in less than a month of training. 

It is true you can’t teach speed but you can teach an efficient start by working on quick reactive muscles on their drive phase, leading to maximum acceleration. We have developed a proven method to achieve this. 

Age reversal

Exercise is an effective way of treating and preventing the many problems associated with aging. By studying the relationship between physical fitness and aging, we designed a method of exercising to improve your health.

Our hand-eye coordination tends to deteriorate with age. We know it is essential that we utilize motor skills by using a combination of sport related drills to improve dexterity and coordination. As we age, the ability of our eyes, brain, and body function capability diminishes gradually. This process leads to slow reaction time. Imagine being thrown a tennis ball by your 5 year old granddaughter; your brain sends signals to your hands and body telling them how to move in response to the ball. This simple but complicated process can be stressful for an unfit body, leading to difficulties with coordination, balance, and mobility. Some would consider this drill a fun activity. One of the things we do during the assessment for our older clients is test their ability to get on and off the ground with few points of contacts. This simple exercise can be lifesaving.



Is Your Current Workout Routine Sufficient?

If you already exercise regularly, you may wonder how personal training could benefit you. We all have a natural tendency to develop bad habits, that we are unable to identify on our own. Working with a member of the Waju Fitness team, you will be able to spot and eradicate these bad habits, enhancing what may already be an appropriate fitness routine. Our team prioritizes injury prevention exercises to ensure your safety during each session. Tips from our trainers will also improve workouts you do on your own.


What we offer:

  • Speed Training

  • Strength & Conditioning Training

  • Personal Position Drills

  • Explosive Development Training

  • Boxing

  • Agility training

  • Olympic lifting

  • Massage Therapist Sessions